Future Nails Quick Drying Dip System – Vegan and Cruelty-free – Salon Quality Nails at Home with our Luxury Products

D39 – Diamond – Quick Dip Powder
Perfect choice for either Home Dip Powder Lovers, Nails Salons or Beauty Therapists.

It is different than the regular Dip Powders. Quick drying dip system air dries quickly after dipping, no need Activator (No2) to dry, Activator (No2) only needs to use before the top coat (No3). Does it sound exciting? Sure it does! You will love working with them as we do. It is also perfect for beginners. The powders are super pigmented, smooth to apply, don’t necessarily need to buff/shape when the layers are applied. Quick Drying Dip Powders cannot be used with Acrylic Monomer. You will reach the best result if you use our Dip Powders with our Dip Liquids.

CHECK OUT our quick guide on how to work with the system, SEE the colour swatches on video, GET in and use our Reward System for discount.
Benefits of using Future Nails Quick Drying Dip System:

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Lightweight & Flexible, Strong & Durable, Non-Toxic & Odour-Free, Non-Porous, Comfortable to wear, Non-Yellowing, No Primer, Maintenance-Free, Crack & Chip Resistant, Water Resistant, Environmentally Friendly, Calcium and Vitamin E Fortified, long-lasting

No harmful chemicals, No UV Lamp needed, Formaldehyde free, Toluene free, DBP free, MMA free, EMA free, Hema free

If you want to pick me up, be aware I am a navy blue colour.

Please bear in mind that the actual colour might be slightly different from the pictures due to the lighting during photo shooting or the different monitor/display settings. We have made every effort to display, as accurately as possible, however, as the actual colours you see will depend on your monitor/display, we cannot guarantee that on your monitor/display will the colours be 100% accurate.

Always check out the product gallery, tap/click on the black chevron arrow (left or right side of the jar), but please bear in mind due to the media and the screen the colour of the product might be slightly different in the real-life

Application steps in short (find the full guidance here )

1, Sanitize your hands

2, Remove the shine off your nails with a file

3, Stir up/Fluff the powder (you can use Diamond – Quick Dip Powder), apply Base No1

4, Dip into the Powder, repeat it 3 times (or more. depends on the length of the nails)

5, They dry quickly in 30sec completely (no need Activator No3 to dry between layers)

6, Buff the nails only if needed, apply the Activator No2, wait 1 min to dry

7, Apply No3 Top Coat for layer 1, that apply the 2nd layer, it dries in 1 min.

8, Done, enjoy your nails with a double shine

We hope you will enjoy our coloured Quick Drying Dip Powders!

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Check our YouTube channel to see essential guides, you can see how the system works in real.

Choose Future Nails to get the right Dip Powder quality, healthy and happy nails for your customers or yourself.

Weight 30 g

1oz, 0.5oz


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