• always clean off the neck of the bottle with a kitchen towel (soaked in acetone) after you have finished
  • IMPORTANT to know the Top Coat won’t dry without the Activator
  • you have to wait 1 minute after the Activator has been applied otherwise the brush of the Top Coat gets thick/sticky
  • to get the best performance use the inside wiper so you can control the amount of Top Coat liquid on the brush
  • you need to apply in 2 layers: the 1st layer has to be applied quickly with 2-3 brush strokes, don’t worry about getting close to the cuticle
  • the 2nd layer of Top Coat should be thicker with slower more precise motions
Weight 30 g

1 review for Finish Gel – Step3

  1. Kellyglitz (verified owner)

    2 coats of top coat and makes your nails super shiny ???? amazing product!!

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